Andrew Marvell

Annihilating all that's made, to a Green Thought in a Green Shade.

Working Through Play, Passion, Creativity, We Contemplate in Marvell's Words, "Other Worlds and Other Seas"
Our Story
Past and present
Deep in the heart of Highgate Village, in North London, nestles one of the city’s best kept secret. The historic, charming area was home to the world’s most famous English poets, from Andrew Marvell, Coleridge, Keats and Byron to George Eliot, Aldous Leonard Huxley and T. S. Eliot

Omved is Sankrit for a harmonious and natural way of living. The gardens and grounds encompass the beautiful and peaceful theme. Om' means absolute and 'Ved' is consciousness. From the food, the environment and the events held throughout the year, they all highlight a purpose of natural wellness.
To Nourish
Food and Produce
Our passion is the synergy between food and creativity and this drives our involvement and commitment to produce good, honest food. Our aim is to spread the seed of wellness by highlighting health and environmental benefits of environmentally sustainable produce, from upcycling, conserving energy, water and materials.

We have our own organic farm so we understand the importance of farm fresh, organic food. We even export freshly milled flour from our very own flour mill and we rely on partnerships in our businesses and our social enterprises to pursue our commitment to sustainability and fight world hunger.
A unique outdoor experience in the heart of one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. OmVed is a hub of boutique traders offering artisanal produce nestled within lush urban green space.
Health and wellness
We collaborate with a broad spectrum of artists, artisans and curators who see Omveds Gardens as a space to express the fundamental passion for sustenance and creativity, through the connection with luscious clusters of vine plants ensnared with flowers. We encourage artistic expression in a social setting taking you “to a green thought in a green shade,” as English poet Andrew Marvell said.

Our team at Omved Gardens have a wealth of experience in projects that explore far flung fields, farms and forests and celebrate the harvest of the natural world. We are proud of the projects we’ve supported including the Denver University European Project, the UN WFP Zero Hunger campaign and a natural birthing centre in central India.