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An Ode to the Melon Scoop

The melon scoop isn’t done justice. Its own name undersells it, relegating it to a simple monocultural scientific object, when in fact it is an artistic instrument whose limits are bounded only by the chef’s imagination. It is a champion of re-use, re-inventing sorry looking leftovers into dishes often more interesting than the original.

A more accurate description may be the melon/kohlrabi/pineapple/mash/marzipan/chocolate fondant scoop, but that would be more than a mouthful.

5 ways to use the melon scoop, from our chef, Arthur Potts-Dawson:

Pineapple Balls

Peel the whole pineapple then scoop balls out of it. Fill the holes with blackberries, cherries or large blueberries for a sharing dessert.

Yesterday’s Mash

Ball it, put it in the oven on a high heat. It’s as good as yesterday, with a crunchy skin.

Chocolate Fondant

The smaller pieces will go a long way, so if you’re a little short with many hungry mouths to feed, turn your dish into a taster.


Think deconstructed dessert.

Melon Balls

It’s in the name.