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Andrew Marvel...lous?

Some of us don’t understand Andrew Marvell’s The Garden at first. It’s all that annihilation. The last time I heard the word annihilating was in Craig Charles’ commentary of Robot Wars. Two brothers from Wolverhampton were having their robotic dreams incinerated by a fire-breathing, car-crushing Sir Killalot. The image conjured is hardly Eden-esq. Nature is the oft-annihilated team.

But sit back, relax into the meadowed verse, flip the imagery, the metaphors and meanings, and there is some sense in the inversion. Annihilate all that is made. Forget your instagram stories, the promotion you didn’t get and your neighbour’s rowdy late night book clubs. What can’t we learn from rolling around amongst the flowers?

In this new series, we put the poem to the OmVed team, asking each member for their own interpretation of the lines, in order to get to know them (both team and verse) better.


“Stumbling on melons as I pass,
Ensnar’d with flow’rs, I fall on grass.”

I do love the imagery of the speaker being almost “drunk” on nature and falling over ensnared by flowers. It’s speaks of the abundance of nature and the delights it freely gives us.

Paul Gazerwitz, Landscape Architect

“The gods, that mortal beauty chase, 

Still in a tree did end their race:”

Trees and their importance should never be understated, they support life on earth and each tree is an being of beauty… Trees should be celebrated, nurtured and planted at every opportunity…

Arthur Potts-Dawson, Executive Chef

“After a place so pure and sweet, 

What other help could yet be meet!”

Omved have faithfully adapted a commercial site into an oasis of green tranquillity, which continues to grow to benefit others.

Duncan MacLeod, Site Surveryor.