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The Seed Saving Network

William's Tiger Bean

**Please note, we are no longer sending out 2020 seeds. Please check back again in early 2021 to join our seed-saving network**

Omved Gardens is embarking on a Seed Saving Network centred around heritage and heirloom food crops, with a focus Future 50 varieties (foods that are nutritious and tasty, and have a low impact on our planet).

Seed banks and networks are a way of collecting seeds to preserve them for the future. As our climate changes and we continue to modify the environments around us, our food crops and methods of growing must adapt. We can prepare for these changes by learning which plants work best for both human needs, and the needs of the earth.

Omved’s Seed Saving Network will provide seeds to growing groups, community gardens, allotments and individual green thumbed gardeners, as well as workshops on seed sowing, general food growing and seed saving. The seeds gathered from the growing process will redistributed amongst the community and a small portion stored in a seed bank. The information gained from the data collection will serve as an important piece of citizen science for the future of small scale and community-led food growing across the UK and rest of the world.

Growing food reconnects us with our own health, with the community and with the cycles of nature. We all have an opportunity, responsibility even, to be better connected to where our food comes from to create a system that is socially and environmentally balanced.

This project will take a community of like-minded, organic and permaculture based growers to succeed. Whether you have a lot of space or a small window bow, we need your help.

View our 2020 Seed List here.

If you have any other queries, get in touch with Vicky.