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What & Why

OmVed Gardens is the London action hub for the Chefs' Manifesto, a community of 700+ chefs from 77 countries equipped with a simple set of actions to drive progress against the food issues that matter most.


Chef’s Manifesto is an initiative of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub and we support it by hosting events and sharing their work because we believe in a better future for food. A future where ingredients are grown with respect for the environment, where no good food goes to waste and where everyone, everywhere enjoys the nutritious meals they need to grow and thrive.



But the journey is not going to be easy. Tackling food system challenges - such as undernutrition, food waste and soil degradation - is hugely complex. We believe that success relies on everyone rolling up their sleeves and getting involved. 


So, we need to start a new global conversation about food: An engaging, inclusive movement that will inspire people to come to the table and take action. And we see chefs at the centre of this conversation.



Chefs bridge the gap between the farm and the fork – transforming raw ingredients into delicious, nutritious meals. In doing so, they influence what we grow, what we put on our plates and how we think and talk about food.


We think chefs can be powerful advocates for a better food future – inspiring people to make changes in their kitchens and communities and empowering them to call on governments and companies to also play their part.

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