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Congratulations to the World Food Programme, Nobel Peace Prize Winners 2020

We join the WFP in Agontinmè, Benin, where David Adomahou tells us more about how the whole community joins in to improve nutrition in the school meals. In this garden they grow leafy vegetables (spinach), flowering vegetables, fruits (tomato, pepper, okra) and roots (carrots)  and the produce is used together with the rice, beans and maize which forms the basis of the school lunch. Boosting nutrition is important because in this part of Benin, 1 in 3 children suffer from chronic malnutrition –they are short for their age  or “stunted” and may never reach their full physical and mental potential. Surplus food from the garden is sold off which provides some income for the gardeners and helps fight malnutrition and make the community more food-secure.

This project is coordinated by the World Food Programme.