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Corn Silk Tea with Fresh Dill

  • 150g Corn silk (the long shiny fibres that form along the corn cob)
  • 30g Fresh Dill
  • 10ml Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • 5g Japanese Spice mixture (Shichi-mi togarashi)
  • 500ml freshly boiled water
  1. Chop the corn silk fibres into 2cm long pieces and place in a mixing bowl. Cut the dill quite finely and add it to the bowl. Pour over the boiling water and allow the ‘tea’ to infuse until it is at room temperature, mixing occasionally to allow the flavour and natural oils to break out.
  2. To serve, mix the tea well and ladle into your cups. Pour a small amount of oil onto the top of each and sprinkle a little of the Japanese chilli. Serve the tea in glass to really show off it's natural beauty and layers.