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Crowdfunding Success for The Orchard Project

Well said, Andrew, but what happens to all those apples? Well the chances of them being picked up and made into beautiful English cider have just increased.

The Orchard Project, the London-based charity whose mission it is to harvest apples and pears for cider and juice, have just secured sufficient funding for another year of operations.

The Orchard Project aims to make a serious contribution to a better food system. And they do it in a serious way, collecting around 13 tonnes of fruit from orchards and gardens last season. Following the collection and pressing of the harvest, a portion of the bounty is shared with the community, the rest sold in shops such as Wild + Lees, The Cider House at Borough Market and Hackney Fresh.

With their new injection of crowdfunding, the plan is to scale up and broaden the range in 2019. The existing product, Local Fox cider is harvested from London’s orchards, gardens and farms. For the next year, they plan to launch another product gleaned from the waste of commercial fruit farms.

‘We were very proud to have nearly 300 supporters of our crowdfund campaign, many of these are within our existing supporter network or volunteer with us, but many more read about what we do in the press or on social media and wanted to support us because they loved the sound of what we do!’ says Abby Cremin, Project Director.

We were invited to join The Orchard Project in October 2018 for their final harvest of the year, just weeks before their crowdfunding campaign began. The crowdfund target of £17,500 was reached and exceeded (£18,180), with the help of news coverage in the London Evening Standard, BBC News, and of course through OmVed’s extensive readership.

We look forward to working with The Orchard Project in 2019. To find out about The Orchard Project or to volunteer, click here.