Love & light
Love & light
A return to one self in order to help others.
When ones soul is nourished with the right stimulation, ones mind will naturally find itself at ease in coming up with innovative, creative and powerful solutions to their own problems. The aim is to use creativity as a step ladder in order to find the adaptation tools required to bring the positive change in one being at a time. A truly whole being creates a truly whole society.
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Foraging today with @handmade_apothecary. We are making teas, tinctures and delicious food with the stuff that grows right under our nose. Kim and Vicky will be holding three of these workshops throughout the summer, so if you missed this one, keep an eye out! . . . . . . #forage #foraging #nature #tincture #herbalmedicine #hampstead #highgate #chelseafringe @thechelseafringe

11:22 AM, Sun 20 May, 2018

Ikebana by @aya_tanaka_floralart

02:19 PM, Sat 19 May, 2018

The Chelsea Fringe is well and truly underway with @aya_tanaka_floralart demonstrating ikebana flower meditation, and Alex Laird giving her course on Living Medicine this afternoon. More events to come throughout the rest of the week - check out our website for more details. . . . . . . . #ikebana #flowerpower #meditation #highgate #hampstead #thingstodoinlondon

10:42 AM, Sat 19 May, 2018
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