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Silences Within


Event Details
14 Jul 2019
10:30 am - 11:50 am

Silences Within

Dhyana is a Sanskrit word, meaning to look deep within, or to develop an uncluttered mind.

fireflies circling beyond circles the silence

Haiku is a season’s poetry and nature as observed through our five senses.

In this 80-minute session, led by Kala Ramesh, co-editor of Naad Anunaad: an Anthology of Contemporary World Haiku (India 2016) and  Wishbone Moon (2018, USA) we will delve into the silences, voids and spaces that surround a haiku poem and how these spaces can be correlated to mind-space in our meditation practices. Interspersed with Japanese aesthetics and Zen stories.

We will then end with OM chanting – establishing the deep connection between the cosmos and our breath.

Please note: in this session, the art of writing haiku will not be touched upon, but we will analyse a few haiku that lends itself to this theme.

Read more about haikuDHYANA here.