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A perspective of the Five Elements, Food Energetics and Permaculture

Patterns of Health within the Five Seasons

Event Details
30 May - 25 Oct 2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

A perspective of the Five Elements, Food Energetics and Permaculture

**Please note, these events are subject to government guidelines and restrictions around the COVID-19 virus. As guidelines are updated, information on these events will also.**

This course explores how we can access the intelligence of nature to assist us in understanding our personal pattern of health within the context of the health of our planet and solar system. Human health and planetary health are in a symbiotic relationship dependant upon one another for the harmonious evolution of all living between Heaven and Earth.

This course is divided into a series of five weekend workshops. Each weekend will focus on one of the Five Elements from the perspective of Taoist ecology and medicine, incorporating permaculture ethics (Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share) and a practical project in the beautiful OmVed gardens.

The purpose of this is to provide a three – centred – learning approach which allows us to learn with the intellect (theory), the feelings (meditation and inner exercises), and our bodies (practical work in the garden). This gives us the experience of nature through a heightened perception. Food Energetics is an important component of the course as health is dependant on the air we breathe and the food we eat, which starts in the soil. You will learn how to choose food seasonally and for its energetics in working with your own health needs and those of your loved ones.

May 30st-31st
July 11th-12th
August 15th-16th
September 19th-20th
October 24th -25th

Each element governs a season with its seasonal Food Energetics, an organ system with its mental emotional aspect, a time of day and many more. It is believed that we are born with a Guardian or Guiding element which allows us to reach our full potential in life, but out of balance it is the very thing we struggle with. If we know our Guiding element, we know our own unique pattern of physiological and emotional health and what we are striving for on a spiritual level. We can learn how to work with our pattern and not against ourselves. To this end, the course is a holistic learning experience from which you will leave with an incredible legacy, the seeds of which were sown by ancient wisdom for exactly this moment in our human history.

For those who book the whole course, there will be a theme to work on for the two months before we meet for the next weekend. Lori will mentor and work with you throughout the course and give you a personal diagnosis from a Five Element perspective including a personal Food Energetic plan.

Executive chef Arthur Potts-Dawson and his team will prepare seasonal and healing refreshments and vegetarian lunch from the open kitchen in the OmVed glasshouse. Arthur will explain his choice of foods and flavours and Lori will explain the seasonal energetics of the ingredients and which organ systems and health issues will benefit.

The cost includes all refreshments, lunch and course handouts.

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