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The launch of the UN World Food Program’s initiative Recipe For Disaster took place 11-13 April 2018 on three evenings to packed audiences hungry to hear how we can all do our part to reduce food waste. “If we can tackle the problem of food waste, according to Corinne Woods, Director of Communication for WFP, “we could feed a billion people everyday. In developing countries the majority of food is wasted in storage and production, which WFP is helping to address with new technologies and community education. However, in the developed world most food is lost on the plate. Recipe for Disaster aims to confront this issue and get people to take action by creating a meal and making a donation.”


Yesterday. Together with the @worldfoodprogramme we hosted 30 foodies, journalists and chefs at the glasshouse, to discuss food as a vehicle to help people reach their potential. Our guests shared their own wealth of experience and opinions and together helped the WFP craft the next phase of @sharethemeal. Thank you all for supporting and fully leaning into this amazing cause. . Photography: @thomas_broadhead . @jasminehemsley @johngs @arthur_potts_dawson @_rubygranger @chrisbaber @gladyskyotungire @unjadedjade @marthacollison @dipyourtoesin @yogagise #sharethemeal #feedourfuture

02:08 PM, Fri 9 Nov, 2018


OmVed Kitchen is a firing on all cylinders this morning as we prepare for @worldfoodprogramme’s #feedourfuture, welcoming chefs and foodies to spread the message of food as a vehicle to unlock potential. . . . . . @chrisbaber having a steam bath in the kitchen with @arthur_potts_dawson 📷: @thomas_broadhead #londonfoodie #omvedgardens #sdg2 #highgate #london #hampstead #sonya7sii

10:42 AM, Thu 8 Nov, 2018


Sunday morning by Chef Arthur . @arthur_potts_dawson

12:19 PM, Sun 4 Nov, 2018


Turban squash, pumpkin 5 of 5. Happy Halloween.

11:23 AM, Wed 31 Oct, 2018

OmVed Studio

The Bushwood Ensemble

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