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Kefir Activated Cashew Milk Shot with Dates and Turmeric
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Kefir Activated Cashew Milk Shot with Dates and Turmeric

Cultured Food

Arthur’s Original Recipe


If you have visited us at OmVed, it is more than likely you will have been greeted by Arthur’s Kefir-Activated Cashew Milk, smooth and soothing and energising.


270g activated cashews (soaked for 2 hours with 1 tsp salt)

60g pitted dates

1g vanilla powder

1g salt

1250ml cold water

400ml kefir milk

1 tsp grated fresh turmeric

bee pollen

Strain the soaked cashews and rinse under running water and blend them up. Add the dates, vanilla and salt. Pour in 800ml of cold water and blend on a low setting.

Gradually increase the power setting to blend the cashews into a puree. Blend well for 30 seconds. Add the remaining cold water and blend for a further 15 seconds before adding the Kefir milk.

Give the mixture a final high tempo blend and pour the mixture into your serving glasses. Top with each with a pinch of bee pollen and serve.

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