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Nurturing Day

Garden Session

OmVed Gardens Nurturing Day is a full-day retreat programme available for small groups of 10-12 people to engage with our garden, kitchen and creative activities exclusively.

Born out of an interest to share our work and restoring philosophy in a holistic way and with a range of communities after the stresses of the covid pandemic, the day provides a much-needed break and pause from everyday routine and an opportunity to reflect and connect to the environment, oneself and each other at a slow pace.

The day includes 4 guided sessions:


Mindful Walk

Mindful Walk

An introductory walk around our gardens unveiling the thinking behind its shapes and forms.

Led by Sol Polo, Nurturing Day Curator and Facilitator


Soil to Soul

A garden workshop that provides an introduction to some of our garden greens and their restorative properties.

Led by Vicky Chown, Medical Herbalist and our Head of Urban Growing


From Garden to Plate

A sensorial journey to create and enjoy a delicious and healthy meal with some of our garden’s seasonal produce.

Led by Jo Marchandise, Zero Waste Chef and our Head of Creative Cooking and Preserving


Creative Ecologies Session

An activity to help you think differently and creatively about the world around you. 

This session can be tailor-made to your group’s interests and will be led by professionals from different fields, depending on the chosen session. 

Organise a Nurturing Day to treat your team, community, family or friends to a meaningful and fun day out in our gardens.


For more information on the event and for booking inquiries, please contact Sol Polo: