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The Pavilion


The pavilion was commissioned to architectural atelier selgascano to be conceived as a flexible exhibition and events space that could host our Chelsea Flower Show 2022 exhibit and later provide a new space for reflection, education and inspiration by the pond at OmVed Gardens.


The design of the structure is inspired by the organic and dynamic forms of nature and the transformational potential of seeds. It also aims to reflect and melt into the OmVed Gardens landscape, designed by Paul Gazerwitz. 


Its innovative shape and features include a transparent rooftop supported by a sinuous series of rotating walls that can be set into different positions.


In 2022, the pavilion featured the temporary exhibit ‘Saving Seed’, awarded with a Silver Medal at Chelsea Flower Show. The wall mounted display showcased OmVed Gardens’ regenerative growing and kitchen ethos, and presented data collected by our Seed Saving Network; a soundscape by wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson and audiovisual sound artist Julian Simmons; botanical illustrations by visual artist Maia Magoga; portraits of our enthusiastic community of seed savers by photographer Will Hearle; and a selection of articles about seeds and seed sovereignty published by OmVed Gardens magazine, Where the Leaves Fall.

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