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The Glasshouse

A symbol of restoration and rebirth

Date of creation

Original, 1970s
Restored, 2017

A symbol of restoration and rebirth

Once a series of derelict horticultural buildings, the glasshouse is a 320 square meter space projected by local practice HASA Architects, which terraces down a gently sloping site. Their intervention, responding to a brief around the concepts of rebirth, reuse and rejuvenation, kept the original metal frames and glazing of the structures and added birch plywood panels finished in white Osmo oil to form platforms, joinery, walls and sliding doors.

As well as growing figs, jasmine, grapes and warm loving crops, the glasshouse is also the space where we cultivate our imagination and excite our senses. It is a blank canvas where almost anything can happen and everything looks magical: from exhibitions to musical performances, film screenings, workshops, talks, presentations, meetings, cooking demos, meals, yoga classes, etc.

Designed in total symbiosis with its surroundings, the glasshouse offers spectacular views of the ancient forest that surrounds OmVed on one side, our gardens on the other side, and the sky. The space consists of a highly flexible upper and lower gallery, connected by a corridor featuring an open kitchen and a stage to each side. The lower gallery also features a balcony with views to our majestic willow.

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