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'Alchemy' is now open, until May 26th

Welcome to ‘Alchemy’. An exhibition and programme of events curated by OmVed Gardens and Thrown Gallery.

 ‘Alchemy’ brings together works in ceramics, mixed media and print-making to celebrate the union of human creativity and the dynamic, rhythmic forces inherent in the natural world. 

The exhibition revolves around process, and human’s ability to transform material and work with nature in ways that express our deep entwinement with the more-than-human.

Artists include Kim Colebrook, Tim Copsey, Diane Griffin, Rosalind Hobley, María Ignacia Walker, Alice McCabe, Victoria Louise Meadows, Faith Mowbray, Esther Palmer, Jo Pearl and Marek Pitera.

The exhibition is punctuated by a diverse programme of events including artist talks, craft workshops, musical evenings and a supper club, exploring the theme of the exhibition from different perspectives.


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