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Asparagus with butter bean mash

It’s asparagus season in the UK and we’re excited to be harvesting the first spears of the season from our kitchen garden to enjoy them with butter bean mash and homemade kimchi salt.

We recommend swapping potatoes for butter beans to make this creamy and nutritious mash to accompany the asparagus.

Add the finishing touches with homemade kimchi salt, that gives this dish a delicious umami kick - check out our latest reel to make your own with @jomarchinfood

Recipe & Method

Step 1: Blend butter beans with half the liquid in the tin or jar. Add a handful of sundried tomatoes.

Step 2: Season with vinegar, salt and pepper and until mash into a creamy consistency then mix in a teaspoon of kimchi salt (check out our kimchi salt recipe reel).

Step 3: Fry asparagus in a pan on medium/high heat with some olive oil for about 5 minutes until tender and nicely grilled.

Step 4: Assemble mash and asparagus with another good pinch of kimchi salt to finish off, bon appetit!


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