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Beans is How: Uniting Stakeholders to Promote Action in the UK, Ireland and Beyond

On the 7th of June, 50 individuals from diverse professional backgrounds gathered for the Beans is How Stakeholder Meeting at OmVed Gardens in London. Connected by the historical and cultural importance of beans around the world, participants discussed how to shift consumption to achieve Beans is How's goal of doubling bean consumption globally by 2028, with a special focus on the UK and Ireland.

Beans have been a part of almost all cultures across the world; however consumption globally is declining or remaining stagnant, varying in the Global North and Global South, in urban and rural areas, and amongst people of diverse backgrounds. Some challenges affecting consumption include: a limited understanding of cooking methods, flatulence or gastric discomfort, perception that beans are a poor person’s food, lack of awareness about the nutritional and environmental benefits, and other factors.

The gathering further explored the role of chefs; the importance of storytelling, and the need to reach young people and use emerging digital platforms to raise awareness of beans while expanding Beans is How’s impact around the world. It was noted that policy has a significant role to play on enabling and sustaining increased consumption of beans, peas, lentils.

Read more about the gathering and how to join the Beans is How campaign in this blog post.


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