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Can you imagine a future where nature has rights?

It was a pleasure to host artists Natalie Koffman and Flora Gregory to present an iteration of they ongoing work Nature Rights at OmVed Gardens on a rainy October Sunday morning.

Natalie Koffman and Flora Gregory holding the Nature Rights evolving chronology.

Gregory & Koffman asked participants if they could imagine a future where nature had rights and invited them to explore the question as a group in a number of creative and immersive ways.

“Thank you. Deeply. Not too often we have intergenerational spaces that nourish the beauty of a future with nature - rather than a fearful overlook of a negative one. Acting vs Reacting.”

“A great turnout on a windy, rainy Sunday morning, and such a positive diverse collaborative creative energy, nourished and supported by everyone at magic OmVed Gardens. What scrumptious food - thank you Josephine and Georgina.”

Thanks to everyone who joined


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