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Carrot Vichy

Give this super simple, but delicious traditional french side dish a go!

Carrots cooked in thermal mineral water from ‘Vichy’ was a popular french ‘medicinal’ dish in the 18th-19th century to aid with digestion. But today, since we don’t have access to this lovely thermal water you can use any mineral water, or even sparkling water. The result is really delicious.

Our Head Chef Jo March is in the OmVed Gardens kitchen to show us how it’s done.

Recipe & Method (Serves 3-4)

1️⃣ Dice a small onion, and 6-8 medium carrots.

2️⃣ Sweat down the onion in 20g butter for 5 minutes then add the sliced carrots for another 3 minutes

3️⃣ Cover with mineral or sparkling water (about 1 glass) and bring to a simmer until the carrots are glazed.

4️⃣ Garnish with chopped parsley and season well

If you enjoyed this recipe, head over to our youtube playlist for more video recipes from our Chef Jo March.


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