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How to create a natural bee hotel for nesting solitary bees

Insects are losing their habitat to urbanisation and agriculture, but a big part of the solution is making our green spaces and gardens more insect friendly. Whether you have a couple of acres or just a balcony garden, think of your space as a pit stop for pollinators and other insects.

OmVed Gardens Ecologist Kiran has this really simple method to give solitary bees a little help.

What you’ll need:

- Some untreated wood such as logs

- A drill

- Sandpaper to smooth entrance holes (if your wood is particularly rough in texture)

Watch Kiran build our Bee Hotel in the video below:

Bug Life has lots of advice on things you can do to help our invertebrate friends, ranging from just letting parts of your garden do their own thing to building special habitats.

All of them can be done without any special skills or knowledge and none of them will take too much time or effort.

Check Bug Life's website for more tips on how to support the small things that run the planet.


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