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How to make a festive ferment?

Here’s Jo with a simple method to make delicious fermented seasonal vegetables. And a lovely homemade low waste gift idea!

Recipe & Method

Roughly chop seasonal vegetables - Jo is using parsnips, carrots, onions and celeriac.

For some extra kick add some lemon peel and spices such as cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cloves and star anise.

Calculate 3% of the weight of your vegetables in salt.

Weight of veg / by 100 x 3 = weight of salt

For example, 100g of vegetables would need 3 grams of salt.

Add filtered water to the top, shake until the salt is dissolved. Weight down and cover.

Leave to ferment and open the lid once a day.

In a week’s time your vegetables will be ready to enjoy!

Optionally you can roast them as part of your Christmas dinner.


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