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Order free seeds and get growing with the SSN!

The Seed Saving Network is open for the 2023 season! Order free seeds from our catalogue now and get growing 🌱

The Seed Saving Network is an initiative started by Omved Gardens in 2020. In addition to sharing seed amongst our community, we are building a living seed bank, growing, storing and collecting data on organic seed at our kitchen garden in Highgate, North London.

The Network is coordinated by Vicky, Randa and Tej who also tend to the gardens at OmVed. Some of the ethos behind the project is that:

Gardening is for all

Traditionally, gardening has been the pastime of a particular demographic. We believe that socio-economic background should not exclude people from growing and learning about ecology. Our Seed Saving Network represents and supports a diverse range of growers, reflective of the society we live in.

It doesn’t take a garden to grow

We don't all have access to a sprawling kitchen garden, but we believe that each of us is capable of turning the pokiest of window boxes into an urban farm.

Growing should be restorative

Our aim is to grow in a way that is restorative to the soil, the biosphere and our gut health.

Data is important

Understanding how our food system is adapting to the changing climate will inform many of the decisions we make in the future, so we are building a growing database of information on our seeds. We gather data on where our community members grow their plants and how their plants thrive (or don’t) in different places.

Seed Sovereignty is key to addressing the climate emergency

Seeds are the life-giving gifts of the cyclic rhythms of nature, and they belong to all of us. Owned, patented and corporate controlled seeds threaten to destabilise natural processes and undermine the health of our planet and, ultimately, ourselves.

Seed sovereignty is a big topic, one that affects environment, politics, gender, diversity, colonialism, the list goes on...

More on Seed Sovereignty here.

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