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Rhubarb Pickle

We all love a rhubarb crumble but our creative chef Jo proposes another use for this loved seasonal: a zingy rhubarb pickle which will make it last all year round. Perfect for adding to savoury dishes like salads, gazpacho and sandwiches!

Method for the pickle:

- Wash and finely slice your rhubarb

- Sterilise a spare jar, pop your sliced rhubarb with spices/herbs of your choice

- Pour in half of the jar with filtered water and the other half with any vinegar, a pinch of sugar and teaspoon of salt, shake well, place in the fridge and it should be ready after a couple of weeks and last for a year (if you don’t eat it all before that).

For the salad we have sliced fennel, with fresh and pickled rhubarb, a generous amount of chives and a french vinaigrette.

Watch the video below to see Jo pickling OmVed Gardens rhubarb!


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