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'Saving Seed' awarded with a Silver Medal at Chelsea Flower Show

We are thrilled to have been awarded with a Silver Medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022. Our exhibition, ‘Saving Seed’, was part of The Great Pavilion Discovery Area (Stand 134) and highlighted the circular, regenerative and community aspect of growing food and saving seed and its powerful impact on human and planetary wellbeing.

‘Saving Seed’ features an innovative pavilion designed by world-renowned architects selgascano. At Chelsea, the pavilion enclosed and gave access to a garden envisaged by Paul Gazerwitz as a microcosm of OmVed Gardens. The exhibition contents are a tribute to tiny beginnings and an invitation to join a movement which aims to improve biodiversity, strengthen our food systems, and spread a little joy. It encourages visitors to immerse themselves in seeds’ often overlooked shapes, forms, and sounds, and to discover more about their transformation and how we can co-create biodiversity through saving seed.

The exhibition encompasses OmVed Gardens’ focus on ecology through food and creativity, and presents work by artists, a garden grown for the purposes of food, seed saving and wellbeing, a Seed Bar with live and online cooking and seed saving demonstrations led by OmVed’s Garden and Kitchen team and interesting data collected by OmVed’s Seed Saving Network.

OmVed Gardens founded the Seed Saving Network in 2020 to help people put the future of their food system back in their own hands and to build on the long history of seed sharing and saving done before us. We believe that growing food and saving seeds is one of the most important things we can do, and hope this exhibition inspires and encourages visitors to engage with seed saving, whatever the size of their growing space or knowledge of gardening.

More information about the exhibition can be found at:


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