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The School Outdoor Sessions at OmVed continue...

Spending time outside learning in nature has so many benefits for both kids and adults alike. So it’s such a joy to host these little learners from a Camden school, here at OmVed Gardens every month.

For January's outdoor lesson, we focussed on learning about different microorganisms that thrive in and benefit the soil.

Vicky gave an introduction to the fascinating world of fungi, with a mushroom walk and a look at how mycelium works in compost.

Tej’s session looked into all the amazing life that lives in compost. The children took a cup of compost, magnified and tallied some of the different invertebrates and microorganisms thriving in the compost.

You can see more snapshots of the day on our Instagram.

We'll be hosting more school sessions throughout the year, there's so much to learn about the wonderful biodiversity of nature.


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