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World Soil Day

Listen to the sounds of the living soil on World Soil Day

It is estimated that more than half of all earth species live in the soil. Yet, we know so little. Only about 1% of the microorganisms found in soil have been identified so far.

In the video: Perry @soilredemption’s microscope recording of a sample from the OmVed compost heap. We see a multicellular organism called a ‘Rotifer’. It is frantically searching for food, in this case bacteria. It uses tiny hairs around its mouth to vacuum in its food. Their presence in the soil can indicate low oxygen conditions, perhaps due to over watering or compaction. Seeing one is not an issue, but we wouldn’t want to see a slide full of them. All of the soil organisms tell us a story.

Listen: Chris Watson’s Compost Heap

Sound recorded in April 2022. Listen to the extraordinary activity within a garden’s compost heap.


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