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WtLF presents issue #14

Where the Leaves Fall is excited to introduce their latest issue, dedicated to the themes of landscape, kinship and connection.

A LONGING A BELONGING In our first theme of this issue, we feature photographer Jermaine Francis who explores the place of blackness and belonging in the British rural landscape; Erkan Affan documents the aftermath of an earthquake in their family’s hometown in the Hatay province; and in the self-portrait series, As Immense as the Sky, Meryl McMaster uses landscape to interrogate her cultural history and connect to her Indigenous and European ancestry.


In our second theme, Four Arrows and Darcia Narvaez present a chart illustrating dominant and indigenous worldview manifestations to aid in rebalancing life on Earth; In an extract from Keggie Carew’s book, Beastly: A New History of Animals and Us, she unearths a tale of kinship between animals and humans; and drawing from her book, Umbigo do Mundo (Navel of the World), Indigenous anthropologist Francy Fontes Baniwa shares myths from her community.


In the final theme of this issue, Ella Brolly visits the spice agroforestry project Eko Land Produce founded by Nihal Ellegala in Sri Lanka, which helps to connect local farmers and families; author Rachel de Thample dives into the ancestral links between human gut health and soil health; and Peruvian artists Ana Elisa Sotelo and Sadith Silvano use photography and embroidery to represent the energy and spirit of the Amazon.


L. Sasha Gora expresses how food extinction tell us stories of the past; artist and shepherdess Meg Rodger visits Neolithic chambered cairns in Scotland; and Margo Farnsworth notices the shedding of winter to witness the ephemeral delights of spring.

Grab your copy to discover more inspiring essays, photography and new perspectives.


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