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The Kitchen

“The culture at OmVed Kitchens is one of sustainability, wholeness and health. It is at the forefront of everything that we do”


The OmVed Kitchen can be found at the rear of the Glasshouse under the shade of the nearby woods’ tall trees. Reflections of leaves and light dapple the white Corian surfaces whilst a large pot gently steams: vegetable chopping marks time. In this open space the kitchen sits at the heart of the dilemma of our time: how do we reconnect the megalopolis to its food? How does the city nurture itself?

The minimalist kitchen, designed by Chef Arthur Potts Dawson to highlight the simple beauty of cooking, invites chefs to share the space and exchange ideas about how to create delicious nutritious meals for the future of the planet. At its fingertips, the nearby organic vegetable garden is intrinsic to our goal of a no waste-on-site kitchen, as well as low energy and reduced use of harmful unnecessary chemicals. We are experimenting with how food and the OmVed kitchen can be a catalyst for change.

Chef Arthur in Ethiopia
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Seasonal Apple Crumble

Chefs Manifesto

The Manifesto is a set of guiding principles and tangible actions to help chefs contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals including Goal 2 – which aims to end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.