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What's New?

Pulling up the concrete to let the soil breathe, replanting trees where once there stood many, the rehabilitation of the Highgate Bowl habitat continues. A few of our major developments over the last season.


The Soon-to-be Kitchen Garden

On the site of the former car park, the kitchen garden is almost complete. Planting will take place over the next few weeks, with an array of fruit and vegetables coming straight from the garden to the OmVed Kitchen.



We have added more fruit to the already thriving glasshouse, with these pineapples now pride of position at the centre stage.

The Wildlife Gateway Fence

Our new fence is designed for the uninhibited movement of animals. Consisting of 254 uncoated scaffolding poles, each at a height of 2 metres, it takes on a sculpture-like quality as the late-morning light pours through.

The road has been re-routed and planted out with native shrubbery, blending the site into the neighbouring woods.

The Pond-to-be

Where there were formerly sheds and car parking, the concrete has been excavated and a pond dug, allowing water recycling and adding to the biodiversity of the site.

Kitchen extension and balcony cover

The kitchen has been extended to include ‘Arthur’s hut,’ a preparation area on the rear of the glasshouse, while the balcony has been renovated with a cover protect it from the elements, and to give the option for year-round use.

Apple tree espaliers

Our new kitchen garden will be surrounded by a variety of apples and other fruit trees grown on espaliers.

Tree planting

All of the new garden developments have been paired with new tree plantings, 32 in total. This Scots Pine is one of many planted on the bank of the new pond.