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Where the Leaves Fall



Print Magazine
& Digital Platform

Where the Leaves Fall is a quarterly print magazine and digital platform exploring humankind’s connection with nature through the intersection between social justice and the environment, art, science, culture, philosophy and food.


The magazine is born out of and informed by a series of conversations held at and with OmVed Gardens, in London. 


Presenting marginalised voices

The two editors of Where the Leaves Fall come from the global south and the global north and look to understand the root causes of the historical power imbalance between those regions and how to heal that in a constructive way. The magazine considers local and global experiences and knowledge as a pathway to healing our relationship with nature, with culture, with community and with our home, the Earth. It presents voices that are often marginalised - such as Indigenous leaders, environmentalists and scientists - who can help us understand how to relocate ourselves in the natural world and ensure a future on Earth.


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