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Come celebrate fermentation with other enthusiasts and experts.

A full weekend of live demos, a market, social forums, a workshop, masterclasses, food, drinks & more!




OmVed Gardens is excited to host a Fermentation Celebration weekend for the first time on 21st & 22nd October 2023. After a few years of exploring countless flavours and recipes in our kitchen with our homegrown produce, we want to open our doors and gardens to celebrate what we believe to be a crucial, forgotten art and ancestral practice: food fermentation. 


For thousands of years, fermentation and other preservation methods were necessary for the survival of every community across the world. Many cultures around the globe have retained the art of food fermentation, and during the past decade, there has been a resurgence of interest in the West for this essential knowledge and techniques. 

We have prepared an exciting programme where participants can gather with experts in the field to share their passion and skills. We will host a Festival day with live demos, forum, a market, garden tours, food stalls and displays, and a day of workshops.

We are excited to hold space for everyone, regardless of their understanding of fermentation, to learn, share, and explore what it stands for in our past and present. 

We believe that food systems have the potential to change through the way we interact with and transform plants using fermentation techniques. 

We hope it will open your eyes and mouths to a world of magical microorganism wonders through conversations, demonstrations, and networking opportunities.


All experience levels are welcome in this diverse, inclusive, and growing community of food and fermentation enthusiasts

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All Day:

  • An exclusive artisan market

  • Fermented food & drinks

  • A display of creative ferments and a photography exhibition on microorganisms

  • A social forum to engage with our fermentation experts, bring your ferments and initiate Q&As, share your knowledge and exchange insights

11am - Fermented Condiments with Melanie McIntosh 

She will be showing you her passion with fermented condiment methods like Salsa and Chilli hot sauce - explaining and demonstrating versatile and easy recipes to bring new flavours to dishes.

12pm - Kimchi with Pao-Yu Liu - The Kimchi expert

Pao from Paohaus Fermentary will be showing how to make her very own signature Korean Vegan Kimchi, talking through the health benefits and process of dry fermentation.

1pm - Permaculture Garden Tour

2pm - ‘Fermental Health: Autonomy, Creativity and Wellness in Late Capitalism’ talk with Sean Roy Parker
During this session, Sean Roy Parker will share his artistic process based around foraging, fermenting and feeding others. He will elaborate on digestion as a communal activity, and give out tasters of his seasonal mystery dusts.

3pm - Kombucha with Jelena Belgrave
Jelena will demystify Kombucha with its health benefits; introducing attendees to new flavours and leaving them inspired, excited and eager to make their own Kombucha at home!


4pm - Permaculture Garden Tour 

We are launching a Fermentation Celebration weekend with a festival on Saturday, 21st October with a whole day of activities and a chance to interact with other fermentation enthusiasts and experts! We will open our gardens and glasshouse for you to enjoy live demonstrations, forums, photography, garden tours, market stalls, food & drinks!

We hope to open your eyes, excite your senses (especially taste!) and engage your brain by exploring the wonderful microbial transformations through conversations, demonstrations, and networking opportunities. All experience levels are welcome in this diverse, inclusive, and growing community of food and fermentation enthusiasts.


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Sean Roy Parker.jpeg

Melanie McIntosh

She makes, eats, and talks about pickles and ferments. The obsession started from a young age preserving the garden veg in Vancouver to moving to Japan as a student and eating all the pickled things. During the pandemic she founded Speck, a company and space to experiment, produce and teach fermentation.


Pao-Yu Liu
She grew up in Taipei city and is based in London. She set up the business Pao Pop N Pickles in 2017, selling small batches of fermented products at a local farmer’s market and shops around London. She then set up Paohaus fermentary studio in East London.

Sean Roy Parker

He is a writer, food researcher, permaculture gardener and visual artist based at The Field, an experimental rural arts residency and co-living project near Ilkeston, Derbyshire. He practises slow, low-tech crafts and food preservation with consumer waste and natural abundance and shares extensively through labour exchange, favours and art swaps.

Jelena Belgrave

She is a fermentation educator, consultant and flavours tinkerer who firmly believes that microbial food preservation is an essential skill. She entwines stories and knowledge from her Balkan heritage with Japanese macrobiotic training and latest research in the scientific realm of gut health. She regularly teaches hands-on and shares ferments in London, around the UK and the Balkans.

Fermentato Celebration Schedule & Participants

On Sunday 22 October, join us for a day of hands-on workshops and masterclasses. A line-up of one workshop and two masterclasses for you to learn more from experts in different types of food fermentation. Come for one or come for all! 

Lacto Fermentation Workshop

Sunday 22 October, 10:30 to 12:30


Join OmVed Gardens Head of Creative Kitchen to understand the basics of fermentation; from brine to dry fermentation, making the most of your ferments, hassle-free methods, enhancing flavours, preventing food waste and supporting your wellbeing.

Demistifying Koji Masterclass

Sunday 22 October, 13:00 to 14:30

Haruko is a koji specialist based in London. She was trained with Nakaji, author of Koji for Life, and her approach towards koji growing is based on traditional Japanese methodology. From her North London residence she teaches workshops on koji making & appreciation, miso, shoyu, doburoku and mirin, and takes pride in explaining the fundamentals. In this introductory masterclass, Haruko will explain koji's origins and popularity in Japanese culture with a demonstration on how to make koji at home.


Fermented Drinks Masterclass

Sunday 22 October, 15:00 to 17:00

Come learn about the fascinating world of fermented drinks from kombucha to beetroot kvass with fermentation educator Jelena Belgrave. A masterclass to understand the fascinating world of fermented drinks. In this masterclass we will explore drinks that require SCOBY and those that rely on microbes present in fresh ingredients to kickstart fermentation.


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