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The Creative Regenerative Kitchen

It is not a coincidence that our kitchen is an open space located at the heart of the space we use to showcase creativity and host events and performances. Cooking food is an art, as well as a decisive tool for ecological activism and wellbeing. Our actions in the kitchen can bring us together and spark change in our bodies and our environment. Deciding to cook with more resilient ingredients, cooking and preserving organically grown food and reducing and reusing waste are all steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle that we passionately advocate by organising a variety of physical and online events.


OmVed’s kitchen is led by Jo March, who works both at the garden and the kitchen to nurture food from soil to plate and gut with a focus on wild, fermented, creative and zero waste cuisine. Jo and her team cater for OmVed Gardens events with organic and fresh produce from the gardens and from other organic growers we partner with. She also regularly shares her food explorations in creative supper clubs, workshops and a series of films.














A London hub for the UN World Food Programme and The Chef's Manifesto

OmVed Gardens has a long-standing partnership with the UN World Food Programme, awarded with a Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 because of its work providing crisis assistance to communities throughout the world. As part of  this partnership, Chef Arthur Potts Dawson, World Food Programme Advocate Chef, has been working with OmVed to explore how food is at the nexus of the world’s problems but also a creative opportunity to catalyse change. Chefs can be powerful advocates for a better food future, and thanks to Arthur’s commitment, our kitchen is the London Action Hub for The Chef’s Manifesto, an international group of chefs working together towards the second sustainable development goal: Zero Hunger. 


Our kitchen is, therefore, a place to research, learn, teach and share knowledge about sustainable culinary practices, where we transform the food harvested in the garden, connect with chefs and food experts from around the world and learn to fuel our bodies, souls and soils.

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