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6 tips to help wildlife in your garden this Autumn

By simply leaving things a bit messy you can provide a home to all kinds of wildlife:

Seed Heads

Leaving the seed heads of plants such as wild carrot provides essential food and shelter for birds and insects.

Leave the leaves

By simply allowing leaves, twigs and sticks to pile up yo can provide a cosy home for hedgehogs and dormice to hibernate.

Just add water

It's important to supply wildlife with water over the colder months, especially in freezing temperatures.


Avoid pruning berry or fruit-bearing bushes or trees as these provide indispensable food for birds over the colder months.

Provide Shelter

From bird boxes to bug hotels creating habitats can provide warm and safe space for wildlife.

Log Piles

Another way to create shelter is to make a log pile. Providing an habitat for all kinds of plants, animals and fungi.


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