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Learning to observe and identify wildlife

Last Friday we took part in EuroBioBlitz, a European initiative to collect information about the wildlife flourishing in our local areas. A bioblitz is an event that focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time.

Gathering at OmVed and guided through the gardens by our ecologist Kiran, participants were encouraged to observe and identify their surroundings using the free iNaturalist* app.

In one hour we recorded 73 species of plant, animal and fungi and over 100 observations - including a vibrant Grey Dagger Moth Caterpillar (pictured). Plus lots more fantastic species such as Emperor dragonfly, Common darter, Pirate wolf spider Shield bug, 10 spot ladybird, 4 spot ladybird, Harlequin ladybird, European nursery web spider and European garden spider!

*iNaturalist is a handy tracking tool that can identify groups of organisms, which is especially useful when you are on your own. Experts constantly review and update the information that’s submitted, so you can log back in later and learn more about what you’ve spotted.

We’re encouraging everyone to get involved in a bioblitz at OmVed Gardens or elsewhere.


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