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Thanks for ordering our seeds!

It's almost time to start sowing seeds!

The Seed Saving Network catalogue went live this morning and we had record numbers of orders, so we have paused the sales to be able to process all orders. Fear not, we'll be adding some more seeds next week.

Thanks for your warm welcome to our 2024 varieties and please bear with us while we sort this first batch of orders. We'll be back with more next week!

How to order our seeds?

  • Visit the Seed Saving Network website here and create an account (if you haven't already). It is free to sign up and we have some really exciting new varieties available this year.

  • Log onto the account and check our 2024 catalogue

  • Order up to three FREE packets of seed. NOTICE: We've had a record number of orders since the catalogue went live this morning, so we've decided to pause the sale on all varieties until we can make up more packets. We will reopen the catalogue for orders on 26th Feb so make sure you register as a member to get a reminder when the new batch of seed packets is up.

About the Seed Saving Network

The Seed Saving Network is an initiative started by OmVed Gardens. In addition to sharing seed amongst our community, we are building a living seed library, growing, storing and collecting data on organic seed at our kitchen garden in Highgate, North London.

All of the food we eat ultimately comes from seeds, either directly or indirectly. One of the reasons why we started the seed saving network is to protect rare and vulnerable plant varieties, making them accessible to more people to grow them and tracking how they evolve with the changing climate.


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