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New photography display: 'OmVed Gardens, 2017 - today'

It's been 6 years since OmVed Gardens opened its doors for the first time and it was about time we showed how we have transformed the site.

We started with a refurbished glasshouse, a wildflower meadow and a kitchen garden. Shortly after came the dome, the pond and the seed pavilion, and next year we will welcome a big greenhouse, a seed vault, toilet facilities and a new kitchen and events space. All these spaces have taken shape alongside our mission: to regenerate a piece of land, and with it, our ways of relating to it, to food and to our human and non-human kin.

This summer, we are celebrating this extraordinary journey with a display in our leafy glasshouse showing what OmVed Gardens is about, and the outstanding transformation of the site with pictures of the land before and after we set foot on it.

You can see the display if you visit OmVed Gardens on 10 or 11 June for London Open Gardens (9am to 5pm) or during our Open Day for Highgate Festival on 17 June (12pm to 5pm). More opening times throughout the summer will be announced here.

We look forward to your visit!


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