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Fermentation Celebration Experts Tips

Our in-house photographer and filmmaker Will Hearle caught up with some of the experts who were part of our Fermentation Celebration. Don't miss their tips on how to make kombucha and what is kimchi.

Jelena Belgrave's top tip on how to make Kombucha

If you can’t get hold of a starter, pick up a bottle of pre-made unpasteurised kombucha from your local shop.

Jelena Belgrave is a fermentation educator, consultant and flavours tinkerer who firmly believes that microbial food preservation is an essential skill. She entwines stories and knowledge from her Balkan heritage with Japanese macrobiotic training and latest research in the scientific realm of gut health. She regularly teaches hands-on and shares ferments in London, around the UK and the Balkans.

Melanie McIntosh Infinity lacto fermented green sauce recipe

This is a green sauce that goes with nearly everything and can bring together as many or as few elements as you have around you.

Check the full recipe here

Pao-Yu Liu top tip on what is kimchi

Kimchi in Korean means fermented vegetable, so you can make kimchi out of any vegetable you like, not only cabbage and chilli.

Pao-Yu Liu grew up in Taipei city and is based in London. She set up the business Pao Pop N Pickles in 2017, selling small batches of fermented products at a local farmer’s market and shops around London. She then set up Paohaus fermentary studio in East London.


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