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Introducing Vivienne Schadinsky

We are thrilled to announce contemporary and environmental artist Vivienne Schadinsky will be OmVed Gardens artist in residency in 2024.

Vivienne was born and grew up in Switzerland, and now works and lives in London. Her work offers insights into the life cycle of plants, with a particular emphasis on their journey into seed production. Observation of nature is key in Vivienne’s work and her projects seek to raise questions. Through her research on the consequences of climate change and pollution, Vivienne's art is a reflection on the loss of biodiversity, the capacity of plants to adapt to changing weather conditions and the importance of clean air, fresh water and soil health.

During her residency, Vivienne will follow up the growing process of a selection of beans, and conduct research on the potential of beans as a future food.

Her findings will be transformed into stories and artworks that will celebrate beans as a climate resilient food source and explore their ecological importance. These will culminate in an information display, an exhibition and a series of events.


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