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World Pulses Day

February 10 is World Pulses Day. Did you know that pulses are among the most climate-friendly foods? Learn more about the benefits of growing and eating them:

What are pulses?

Pulses, also known as legumes, are the edible seeds of leguminous plants cultivated for food. Dried beans, lentils and peas are the most commonly known and consumed types of pulses.

Benefits of growing and eating pulses:

  • Intercropping with pulses increases biodiversity and creates a more diverse landscape for animals and insects.

  • The nitrogen-fixing properties of pulses can improve soil fertility, which improves and extends the productivity of land

  • Pulses are highly water efficient: for producing 1 kg of lentils needs 1250 liters, while 1 kg of beef requires 13,000 liters


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